PRX-T33 Therapy

PRX-T33 therapy is chemical peeling for the skin rejuvenation (revitalization). This treatment is called “injection-free biorevitalization”, no need for rehabilitation!

About the treatment

PRX-T33 was developed by the Italian company "WiQo med". The unique composition of the preparation triggers the processes of the skin rejuvenation and regeneration - it works at the cellular level.

Ideal for all age categories, both for the young skin to combat and prevent acne, and for aging skin, which loses its turgor and firmness, showing the signs of photodamage.

This treatment will allow you to continue your normal lifestyle with minimal rehabilitation period, even in the case of patients with very sensitive skin.

The major difference between PRX-T33 and other types of peeling is that it does not have a great exfoliating effect, but rather the effect of the biostimulation of the skin.

Active ingredients of PRX T33:

  • 33% trichloroacetic acid solution (included in most peeling products). It has a regenerating effect, promotes skin renewal and, thanks to its anti-inflammatory effect, blocks the formation of acne. The use of PRX T33 stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin in the body - this is the basis of the mechanism of action and ensures high efficiency of the procedure;
  • Hydrogen peracid ‒ it has an anti-inflammatory effect and enhances the effect of trichloroacetic acid, reducing skin damage, so the recovery time after the procedure is shorter;
  • Kojic acid – improves the overall color of the skin, prevents age spots, blocks the synthesis of melanin, which contributes to the formation of freckles and age spots, prevents the formation of skin scar tissue.

The fact that there is no damage after the procedure makes it possible to perform PRX-T33 even in the summer!

For 14 days before peeling, any injections should be avoided and the use of scrubs and homemade peelings should be limited.

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