Morpheus 8 / Fractional RF Lifting

A unique invasive treatment for the skin remodeling, rejuvenation and lifting - MORPHEUS 8.

About fractional RF lifting

Fractional correction of the subcutaneous fat tissue, MORPHEUS8 technology was created by INMODE Aesthetic Solution (Israel), which is the leader in the production of the equipment for non-surgical lifting. Non-surgical facelift, the noticeable effect after MORPHEUS 8 is visible immediately and accumulates to a maximum of 1.5 months having a pronounced lifting effect and reduction of the cutaneous flap. Excellent alternative to plastic surgery!

MORPHEUS 8 is the device for the fractional correction of the skin with programmable depth of treatment and delivery of energy. The 24 coated needles penetrate the subcutaneous tissue, inducing the coagulation of fat and the shrinkage of the connective tissue.

The major difference between MORPHEUS 8 and other devices is the controlled spot heating of the tissues with high-frequency energy at the tip of the insulated needle.

The order of treatment includes consultation with our cosmetologist, taking a medical history, applying an anesthetic to the treated areas. Time of treatment depends on the selected areas, and upon completion of the treatment - further care recommendations.

The course of treatments is personalized, from 1 to 4 treatments depending on the indications, with an interval of 4 weeks to 2 months. May be used in combination with the other treatments, after consultation with a cosmetologist.



Morpheus 8
Fractional RF



Seja + Kakls

Morpheus 8
Fractional RF



Face + Neck + Décolleté

Morpheus 8
Fractional RF



Results that can be achieved after a course of Morpheus 8 fractional RF lifting treatments

Benefits of Morpheus 8 Fractional RF lifting

Recommendations and rehabilitation after the treatment

Contraindications for the Morpheus 8 Fractional RF Lifting

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