Laser hair removal

Thanks to the professional, unique and state-of-the-art MeDioStar Monolith equipment, you will notice the results of laser hair removal after the first treatment!

About laser hair removal

Nowadays, laser hair removal is the most effective and safe way of hair removal on any part of the body. A growing number of women and men all over the world are now using laser hair removal. And with the use of unique, modern, professional equipment MeDioStar Monolith, the result will be visible after the first treatment!

MeDioStar Monolith is the most powerful laser hair removal device in the world that meets all FDA, CE and ISO quality standards. The laser hair removal procedure can be performed throughout the year, even in the summer season, with any hair color, from light to dark. The laser beam attacks the hair follicle directly without damaging the skin, therefore the laser hair removal procedure is totally safe for health. In addition, laser hair removal treatment addresses such problems as hirsutism ( excess hair growth in women according to the male pattern), skin irritation after shaving and ingrowth of hair.

Asclepion's Mediostar Monolith is the world's best hair removal laser of 2019 according to the European organisation Prize Vide Estetica!

Special offers for laser hair removal

Laser hair removal has a number of advantages over other hair removal methods:

Laser hair removal also addresses a very important issue - ingrown hair in the bikini area.

The hair in this delicate, intimate area are often ingrown, which causes pain and discomfort. Laser hair removal is the most suitable method of hair removal to address this problem, not just in the bikini area. Even after the first laser hair removal procedure, the hair is thinner, softer and less prone to ingrowth, after a course of treatments with the laser hair removal, the problem of the ingrown hair is completely solved.

How many treatments of the laser hair removal should I undergo for the desired effect?

On average, it is recommended to undergo a course of 8 laser hair removal treatments with the intervals from 4 to 8 weeks (depending on the area and the hormonal background of the client).

During the first 10-21 days after the laser hair removal treatment, it may seem that the hair begins to regrow, but if you pull on the hair, it will be pulled out without the root.

The first results of laser hair removal can be seen in about 2-3 weeks, when the hair on the treated areas will begin to fall out "islands" - this does not mean that the laser hair removal procedure was carried out by an inexperienced beautician or low-quality device. This is a normal reaction of the body, this is how it should be - it is an indicator of a properly performed treatment and a very good result.

On average, hair reduction is approximately 30%. Even after the first laser hair removal treatment, the hair will begin to get thinner and sparser.

How to take care of the skin and remove hair during the course of the laser hair removal?

During the course of treatments no special skin care is required, however, there are guidelines that our cosmetologists advise to follow:

Between the laser hair removal treatments, it is recommended to remove hair only with a razor or trimmer and exclude any other methods of hair removal!

Observe the intervals between laser hair removal sessions:

Laser hair removal involves not just one session, but a course of 8 sessions on average. Neither of the laser devices is able to remove the "extra" hair from the client's body in one single session. Light energy affects only those hairs that are actively growing at the time of the treatment, therefore, after the first session of the laser hair removal, about 20 percent of all hair is removed. Over the next 10-14 days, hairs will gradually fall out, but the other hairs will "wake up".

With each performed laser hair removal treatment, the amount of the unwanted hair will decrease, and the time intervals between sessions must increase. The minimum interval between the laser hair removal treatments is 4 weeks and the maximum is 2 months. It is very important to observe these intervals and not to interrupt the started course of the laser hair removal. Otherwise, the effectiveness of the laser hair removal will reduce.

A full course of the laser hair removal takes about a year. And after all the sessions, the client may forget about the need of shaving for a long time.

The norm is to have one result-supporting laser hair removal treatment once a year or a year and a half, because the body is changing and the growth of the new hair is stimulated by fluctuating hormones.

Cost for the ladies

At the moment, there is a 30% discount on all laser hair removal services!

* Lower prices are valid with the purchase of a subscription for 4 or 8 treatments!

Laser hair removal packages 1 treatment 4 treatments 8 treatments
Basic package
(Full bikini and underarms)
total €256
total €472
Special Package
(Full length legs, underarms)
total €396
total €712
PRO Package
(Full bikini, shins, knees and underarms)
total €476
total €872
Super Set
(Full length legs, full bikini, underarms)
total €556
total €1032

Basic package

(bikini pilnais un paduses)

Special Set

(Kājas pilnā garumā + Paduses)

Komplekts PRO

(bikini pilnais, apakšstilbi, ceļgali un paduses)

Super Set

(Kājas pilnā garumā + Pilnais bikini + Paduses)

* These areas cannot be exchanged for other areas within the package!


  • Bikini € 58 83

    (panty line)

  • Full bikini € 85 122

    (pubis + labia + gluteal fold)

  • Gluteal crease € 30 43
  • Buttocks € 50 72


  • Shins and knees € 90 129
  • Full length legs € 89 220
  • Hips and knees € 105 150
  • Back of thighs € 50 72
  • Toes € 10 15


  • Cheeks € 25 36
  • Chin € 25 36
  • Side whiskers € 25 36
  • Upper lip € 25 36
  • Neck € 25 36
  • Space between the eyebrows € 25 36
  • Forehead line € 25 36
  • Whole face € 65 94


  • Underarms € 29 70
  • Lower arms € 65 94
  • All arms € 95 136


  • Abdomen € 60 86
  • White line of the abdomen € 25 36
  • Sacral region € 42 60
  • Breast aureoles € 17,5 25

If the area is not prepared for the treatment, an additional fee of 15€ per area will be charged for preparation.

** Intimate areas are not subject to preparation by the specialist, if the intimate area is not prepared by the client, treatment will not be performed.

*** The specified areas cannot be replaced by other areas within the package!

Cost for the male customers


  • Chest € 80 115
  • Abdomen € 65 93
  • White line of the abdomen € 29 42
  • Sacral region € 50 72
  • Back € 99 142


  • Underarms € 49 70
  • Shoulders € 68 98
  • Upper arms € 65 94
  • Lower arms € 65 94
  • All arms € 95 136


  • Cheeks € 30 43
  • Chin € 30 43
  • Side whiskers € 30 43
  • Upper lip € 30 43
  • Neck € 40 58
  • Space between the eyebrows € 30 43
  • Forehead line € 30 43

If the area is not prepared for the treatment, an additional fee of 15€ per area will be charged for preparation.

How to prepare for the laser hair removal

To prepare for the laser hair removal



Laser hair removal treatment is prohibited if you have:

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