Nano Fractional RF Lifting / Skin Remodeling

NANOFRACTIONAL RF™ is a unique non-invasive treatment for the skin re-modeling, rejuvenation and lifting.

About Nano Fractional RF Lifting

Nano fractional RF lifting (NANOFRACTIONAL RF™) on the device Venus Versa (Israel) is the most efficient and safe treatment in the world. The most advanced and innovative skin rejuvenation and lifting treatment available today.

This unique patented treatment is performed with the NANOFRACTIONAL RF™ applicator, which is responsible for the radiofrequency (RF) action and delivers incredible results. Nano fractional RF lifting enhances the skin density, returns evenness to the epidermis, rejuvenates the skin, lift the facial oval, revitalizes the radiant color and tone of the skin. In addition, it forms a clear contour of the face, reduces the overhanging of the upper eyelid and minimizes longitudinal expression lines on the forehead. This treatment maximizes the rejuvenation of the face, neck, décolleté, hands.

Nano fractional RF lifting (NANOFRACTIONAL RF™) on the Venus Versa device - skin rejuvenation with the use of radio frequency radiation. Radiofrequency pulse enters the middle layer of the skin through penetration of tiny nano needles. The damage to the skin is minimized. The treatment of fractional micro-needle RF lifting on the Venus Versa device is a safe procedure, which triggers a powerful process of collagen and elastin production, resulting in the improvement of the skin texture, evening out of the complexion, slowdown of the aging processes and boosting rejuvenation, improvement of the facial oval.

The key benefit of this method is a controlled thermal radiofrequency impact on the skin tissue with minimized damage to the surrounding tissues and a very short rehabilitation period. The impact of the thermal energy activates the physiological healing processes, which ensure complete rejuvenation and regeneration.

In the process, Nano fractional RF (NANOFRACTIONAL RF™) stimulates the rejuvenation of all layers of the facial skin.

The SMARTSCAN™ function enables the use of different configurations of settings and individualize the power of impact for each client, reducing the risk of the side effects to a minimum. Since the damage to the skin is minimal, the treatment is much more comfortable in comparison with more aggressive methods, requires only minimal recovery and at the same time permits to achieve impressive results.

The course of treatments is always customized, for maximum results, it can range from 3 to 6 treatments. Repeated treatment is performed with an interval of 3 to 5 weeks. In addition, nano fractional RF rejuvenation is perfectly combined with such treatments as photorejuvenation (IPL), fractional mesotherapy, RF thermolifting Diamond Polar TM and classic care treatments.

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