Lymphatic drainage massage Cerri Presso

Lymphatic drainage massage for the entire body, which normalizes the work of the lymphatic system of the body.

About the treatment

Due to the lowering of atmospheric pressure in the cuffs, the blood vessels dilate, thereby increasing and enhancing the blood flow to the subcutaneous tissue. This technique removes excess fluid and furthermore facilitates the restoration of the water balance. Pressotherapy improves venous circulation and, in addition, stimulates metabolic processes in the fat cells and skin cells. Pressotherapy assists in removing harmful substances from the body with the lymph. In other words, this technique normalizes the work of the lymphatic system, and the circulation of the intercellular fluid, which allows to increase the skin firmness. Pressotherapy successfully combats cellulite and obesity.

Combination with other methods.

For more powerful results, lymphatic drainage massage can be combined with other methods of treating cellulite, obesity, and body shaping or skin rejuvenation. For example, lymphatic drainage massage is very well combined with the machine techniques such as vacuum massage, RF lifting, cavitation and others. It enhances the treatment’s efficiency. Pressotherapy treatment can also be combined with the body wraps.

Course of treatments

To get the desired and long-lasting results, the treatment must be performed at least 10 times and repeated 2 or 3 times a week. After several sessions, a pronounced cosmetic effect will be observed. The skin becomes more firm and lifted, as a result you will feel lightness in the legs, and the signs of cellulite will be reduced, and your general health will improve.

Benefits of Pressotherapy

Special offers


Cerri presso 30

Treatment 30 minutes

(abdomen and legs)


Subscription for 6 treatments

(abdomen and legs)



Abonements uz 12 procedūrām

(abdomen and legs)



Cerri presso 45

Procedure 45 minutes

(abdomen and legs)


Subscription for 6 treatments

(abdomen and legs)



Abonements uz 12 procedūrām

(abdomen and legs)




Wrapping of the problem areas


When you should have the Cerri Presso treatment

This treatment is very efficient in combating cellulite, varicose veins, swelling and can also be used for the prevention of all of these phenomena. By reducing hypoxia in the tissues, the "orange peel" gradually becomes less pronounced, visible superficial vessels vanish, the volumes are also reduced, the skin becomes firmer and smoother.


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