Phototherapy / IPL therapy

Phototherapy (IPL) treatment for photo rejuvenation of the skin, removal of pigmentation and vascular asterisks, couperose and rosacea.

About IPL therapy

Phototherapy treatment (IPL) is one of the most efficient and popular treatments available in our center, owing to the unique Israeli Venus Versa equipment.

The treatment is based on the impact of an intense light source (IPL - Intence Pulsed Light) on all layers of the epidermis. The effect is achieved through the wave pulses with a length of 580-1200nm. Penetrating through the upper layer of the epidermis, phototherapy can eliminate signs of photoaging, couperose, vascular stars, pigmentation, post-acne spots, laxity, superficial and deep wrinkles.

Phototherapy (IPL) is perfectly combined with the other laser and machine methods of treatment.

Most people will need 3-5 sessions to get the maximum results from the phototherapy. The interval between the sessions is normally 3-6 weeks.

The effect can be seen even after the first treatment. The skin is smooth, the number of pigment spots is reduced, the vascular stars are no longer visible.

Special offers

Prices of the IPL therapy


  • Face € 129 170
  • Décolleté € 80
  • Face + Neck + Décolleté € 320
  • Cheeks € 60
  • Cheeks + Nose € 80
  • Nose € 40
  • Single spot € 25
  • Chin € 50


  • Face € 129 170
  • Décolleté € 80
  • Face + Neck + Décolleté € 320
  • Hands € 70
  • Piere € 60
  • Cheeks € 60
  • Single spot € 20-40
  • Chin € 50


  • Face € 129 170
  • Neck € 70
  • Décolleté € 80
  • Face + Neck + Décolleté € 199 320
  • Hands € 70


  • Face € 199 340


  • Subscription for 4 treatments € 396 680


IPL phototherapy treatment addresses such problems as

Benefits of photo rejuvenation treatment

How to get ready for the phototherapy treatment?


Rehabilitation after phototherapy treatment

IPL phototherapy is a safe and gentle treatment. To get the best results you must follow the recommendations of our cosmetologists:

Contraindications to the IPL phototherapy treatment


How does the treatment of IPL photorejuvenation happen?
IPL photorejuvenation treatment is performed only after the consultation, which will be conducted by a cosmetologist of our center before the treatment, who will assess the degree of damage to the skin and its general condition.
Next, individual settings are set for a particular client and his or her specific problem. The treatment is pain-free and completely safe for the client.
Before the direct impact of the IPL photorejuvenation, client will be asked to close the eyes and wear special protective goggles. Next, the contact gel will be applied and the treatment of photorejuvenation will be performed, the duration of treatment is 15-20 minutes, it depends on the area of the treatment.
At the end of the photorejuvenation treatment, a soothing and protective cream will be applied and the client will be given a follow-up consultation on the skin care after the treatment.
Is IPL phototherapy painful?
The treatment of IPL phototherapy is easily and comfortably tolerated by the client - during IPL treatment, only warmth is felt, slight tingling is possible. Highly sensitive clients also do not have to worry, the cosmetologist has the option to select more comfortable settings.
Is the IPL photorejuvenation treatment safe?
IPL photorejuvenation treatment is absolutely safe for the client if the necessary conditions are met: safety (protection of the eyes), exclusion of contraindications, compliance with the general recommendations of the cosmetologist and the schedule of treatments.
It is equally important to consider compatibility of the IPL photorejuvenation treatment with the other cosmetic treatments.
How to prepare for the IPL phototherapy treatment?
The phototherapy treatment does not require any specific preparation, although there are certain conditions you need to observe before the treatment.
You must stop taking antibiotics and systemic retinoids one week before the treatment, in addition, you must avoid the sun and tanning within 5 days before the phototherapy treatment.
Care after the phototherapy treatments
Despite the fact that the treatment of phototherapy does not have an aggressive effect on the skin and does not have pronounced post-procedural side effects, there are some guidelines you need to follow after the treatment:
- Use a soothing cream for a week after the phototherapy treatment.
- Avoid aggressive treatment of the skin ( peeling, scrubs, the use of beauty products containing acids, retinol) both in home care and at the cosmetologists' office.
- Do not visit the sauna, bath house, swimming pool during 5 days after treatment, and exclude any thermal effects (heating) on the treated area.
- Use a protective SPF 50 cream throughout the entire course of treatments
What to expect after the IPL phototherapy treatment?
In the first 1-2 days after the IPL phototherapy the intensity of the color of pigment spots may increase - this is normal and means that the treatment was performed properly and correctly. After the IPL phototherapy for the vascular lesions - the vascular stars will disappear either immediately after the phototherapy treatment or within a couple of days after the treatment. After the IPL photorejuvenation treatment, slight redness may be observed, which will subside within a few hours after the treatment.

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