Endospheres Therapy

One of the world's best technologies for combating cellulite and modeling body contours.

About Endosphere Therapy

Endosphere therapy is a broad-spectrum machine treatment and one of the best world technologies of the recent years for cellulite control and body contour modeling.

The system is based on the technology of compressed micro-vibration, which is achieved with the help of a special manipulator consisting of 60 microspheres (rollers) made of natural silicone. As they rotate, they exert pressure on the compacted areas of the skin (muscles, fatty tissue). The therapy acts as a "pulsating compression": the fat deposits are pressurized and, as a result, are loosened until destroyed. By alternating compression and pressure, a vascular gymnastics effect is achieved, which improves blood circulation and lymph flow. This provides lymphatic drainage of the tissues. Excess fluid flows out of the tissues. The effect of swelling is eliminated, the patient feels lightness in the whole body.

It is important to know that endosphere therapy is used not only to correct the body and eliminate the consequences of excess weight. Machine therapy procedure is an excellent way to prevent cellulite, varicose veins. It is also used to relieve muscle fatigue - it is also recommended to do the innovative procedure after heavy physical exertion.

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Benefits of Endosphere Therapy

A course of Endosphere therapy is good for:

Endosfēras terapijas procedūru kurss un rezultāti:

Endosphere therapy is carried out in courses - according to individual indications. 6-18 treatments are required to obtain the desired results. In most cases, the effect of the therapy can be seen after the first visit. It is important to consume at least 1.5 litres of fluid per day.

The skin becomes smoother and firmer after even one procedure. The latter is especially important in case of sudden weight loss, for example, after childbirth, when it is necessary to quickly get in shape. And after a course of treatment the cellulite will disappear, and the size of the body will be reduced by 2 sizes immediately. If you follow a healthy lifestyle, extra pounds and "orange peel" will never come back.

In addition to fighting cellulite, Endosphere therapy has a positive effect on the blood vessels. Due to the increase in local temperature by 1-2 degrees, the venous and lymphatic flow improves and the legs feel pleasantly light.

Endospheres Therapy prices

Endospheres therapy 45

Introductory treatment

(problem areas)


Procedure 45 minutes

(problem areas)


Subscription for 6 treatments

(problem areas)



Endospheres therapy 75

Procedure 75 minutes

(whole body)


Subscription for 6 treatments

(whole body)



When Endosphere therapy procedure should be performed:

The nozzle of the device creates microvibrations, which activates the process of the blood microcirculation in the tissues, accelerates the metabolic processes in the cells. At the same time, the compression of the equipment triggers drainage of the liquid media. Endosphere therapy is a massage technique with cosmetic and therapeutic effect.

The effect of Endosphere therapy is very similar to active physical exercise. During the procedure there is no need to make any movements - the body slims down and gains beautiful contours by yourself. Endosphere therapy is treatment performed without prior preparation. Most importantly, before you do apparatus massage, be sure to visit a cosmetologist. The doctor will examine the condition of the skin, indicate the nature of the problems, clarify the presence or absence of contraindications and tell you how Endosphere therapy is performed and what to expect at the end of the course.

What problems can be trated with Endosphere therapy?



What is the work principle of Endosphere Therapy?
The method of Endosphere therapy is based on the effect of vibration and compression. Compression squeezes lymph out of the tissues, microvibration intensifies blood circulation in the tissues and accelerates metabolic processes in the body. The effect of compression is created due to the two-kilogram weight of the working manipulator. Due to the alternation of pressure and vibration the "vascular gymnastics" effect takes place. Blood circulation and lymph flow are enhanced. This provides active lymphatic drainage of the tissues. As a result of Endosphere therapy swelling subsides, the client is feeling lightness in the whole body. The greatest effect of Endosphere is demonstrated in the treatment of cellulite.
Benefits of Endosphere Therapy
- Endosphere body therapy is a number of times more effective than classic manual massage.
- After the procedure there are no painful sensations, bruises, there is a slight redness on the treated areas, which disappear within an hour.
- Endosphere therapy gives a complex result, such as rejuvenation of the skin, tissue toning, elimination of cellulite and lymphatic drainage.
- The effect is felt after the first treatment, and the visible effect is noticeable after 3-4 treatments!
- Endosphere therapy exercises an overall healing effect on the body.
Is the procedure of Endosphere Therapy painful?
Endosphere Therapy procedure is painless, comfortable, pleasant, does not traumatize the skin and does not leave bruises. Unlike other massage and apparatus techniques, Endosphere therapy is performed without a suit with the use of special lymphatic drainage oil, which provides additional skin treatment.
What are the recommendations when receiving Endosphere therapy?
Endosphere therapy treatment does not imply any strong restrictions, however, to improve the result it is recommended to follow some recommendations:
- Drink more than two liters of pure water daily - this is necessary to improve the transport of fat into the lymph flow;
- Exclude the intake of foods with a high content of sugar;
- Every day to perform light physical activity - this will help to activate the outflow of the blood and lymph, helping to remove the decayed fat;
- Limit the amount of coffee, alcohol and simple carbohydrates, as alcohol and caffeine negatively affect the lymphatic system, slowing down the removal of fat and subsequent metabolism.
What to expect after a course of Endosphere Therapy treatments?
After the first 6 treatments of Endosphere Therapy, excess fluid and toxins will be removed from the tissues, and after 12 treatments, metabolism and blood microcirculation will improve significantly. A full course of 18 treatments may reduce waist circumference by up to 10 cm. Endosphere therapy treatment can help remove fat deposits, get rid of cellulite and "fat traps", improve skin elasticity and tone, eliminate swelling. The result of the treatments Endosphere therapy is a noticeable lymphatic drainage and lifting effect. Muscle tone improves and muscle pain is relieved.
How often do you need to do Endosphere Therapy?
The course of Endosphere Therapy depends on the initial condition of the body. On average, 6 to 18 treatments may be needed. The first results will be visible immediately after 1-2 treatments. The effect lasts for half a year. To maintain the result, it is recommended to do supportive procedures - once every 1-2 weeks, 6 months after the end of the course of endosphere therapy.
How does Endosphere Therapy differ from other apparatus methods?
Endosphere therapy apparatus is fundamentally different from LPG, which has vacuum roller effect. The principle of Endosphere Therapy is based on compression and vibration. That is why the effect of Endosphere therapy is a non-aggressive procedure towards vessels and capillaries. Improper use of LPG technology can lead to stretching of the skin and consequently its sagging, which is impossible in the case of Endosphere therapy. The procedure of Endosphere therapy is comfortable and painless, whereas LPG clients experience discomfort and sometimes quite painful sensations. Endosphere therapy has virtually no counterindication, unlike LPG technology. LPG treatment is contraindicated for clients with fragile capillaries and varicose veins.
Can Endosphere Therapy be performed with varicose veins?
The Endosphere Therapy procedure was developed and clinically tested by phlebologists. Exposure to compression microvibration works as a vascular exercise, strengthens the vessel walls, improves microcirculation and solves numerous phlebology problems. Endosphere therapy procedure is recommended in case of varicose veins, capillary mesh, you need to be careful only in case of thrombophlebitis. The intensity of the apparatus impact is selected individually and can be adjusted to the settings where the procedure will not only not harm, but will be beneficial to clients with varicose veins, vessels and capillaries.

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