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InMode Lāzerepilācija un IPL

A unique development of the Israeli company INMODE Aesthetic Solution.

The InMode multifunctional platform represents a breakthrough in aesthetic medicine, offering minimally invasive and non-invasive treatments for the most popular aesthetic procedures.

Lumecca is an innovative system aimed at fighting pigmentation, vascular lesions, rosacea, post-acne congestion and photodamage. The therapeutic effect is achieved through the action of pulses of high-intensity light (IPL). Unlike other devices, Lumecca has the highest peak power of 3.3 kW/cm2, which enhances the effect and gives a stunning result after the first treatment. A distinctive feature in treatment of photo rejuvenation on the InMode device with the nozzle.

Lumecca allows to eliminate both pigmentary and vascular defects within one treatment. In addition, the nozzle stimulates the process of production and the building of the new collagen fibers, so that the skin after the treatment is tightened, the pores are reduced, the skin gets a velvety and healthy look.

DiolazeXL is the “golden standard” of laser hair removal! Currently, it is the first hybrid laser hair removal head approved by the FDA.

The concept of the technique is the intense impact on the hair follicle not with one wavelength as in analog lasers, but with two wavelengths. The possible combination is 755/810 Nm (Alexandrite/Diode) or 810/1064 Nm (Diode/Neodymium). 

This allows to achieve the maximum effect when working with hairs of any shade and stiffness.

MORPHEUS8 technology is a breakthrough in the field of non-surgical cosmetology - the newest system of the needle RF-lifting to remove wrinkles and rejuvenate the skin, the latest development in the world market from the company INMODE Aesthetic Solution.

The technical features and the principle of impact of this technology include 24 sharp polymer-coated needles. Each needle is encircled by a return electrode, which ensures uniform heating in the treatment area. It also provides deep and safe fractional treatment with a penetration of up to 4000 micronsand additional heating zone of up to 1000 microns. This technology has a uniform effect and a short rehabilitation period. It is safe for Phototype VI skin and has the greatest depth of penetration out of all FDA-approved fractional technologies.

RF - FORMA Revitalization or CELEB GLOW 

Visible RF effect - revitalization with the Forma InMode device, the results can be achieved extremely rapidly, so this treatment can even be called "star lifting". In one treatment, the innovative technology allows you to renew the skin for up to 5 years.

The main working mechanism of the Forma InMode nozzle is heating the skin with fractional radiofrequency current up to 38-43 degrees, which is totally comfortable for the patient and well controlled by the cosmetologist.

This thermolifting causes smoothening of the skin and formation of the collagen fibers, in addition, it increases the production of elastin in the skin, tightens the matrix of the dermis and reduces wrinkles.

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