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Onda Plus Coolwaves

The first microwave body modelling system in the world. Onda Plus from the Italian company DEKA is an innovation in the field of body sculpting. The system uses Coolwaves™ microwave technology that selectively targets fat cells, providing safe, effective and non-invasive reduction of fat deposits.

Innovative technology and skin protection

Coolwaves™ microwaves are generated at 2.45 GHz and are preferentially absorbed by the fat molecules. This allows the waves to penetrate the upper layers of the skin without overheating them, focusing the energy on the subcutaneous fat. The built-in cooling system protects the upper layers of the skin, preventing overheating.

Convenience and advantages over its peers

Onda Plus is ergonomically designed and easy to use to ensure convenient and effective treatments. Unlike radiofrequency systems, the energy of Onda Plus focuses on the fat cells, ensuring maximum effectiveness and safety for the patient. This makes Onda Plus the ideal solution for people aiming for the perfect body shape without any surgical intervention.

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