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Endosfēra terapija

The method is based on vibration and compression impact on the tissues. Compression squeezes lymph out of the tissues, micro vibration enhances the blood circulation in the body and accelerates metabolic processes.

The compression effect is created due to the two-kilogram weight of the machine's manipulator. Therefore, additional effort on the part of the masseur is not necessary.

Due to the alternation of vibration and pressure, the vascular gymnastics effect occurs. Blood circulation and lymph flow are accelerated. This provides lymphatic drainage of the tissues. Excess fluid begins to leave them. The effect of swelling vanishes, and the person feels lightness in the whole body.

After a course of treatments, the body volume is reduced by 2 sizes immediately. If you stick to a healthy lifestyle, extra kilograms will never return. Endosphere demonstrates the greatest effect in the treatment of cellulite. Mechanical vibrations of silicone microspheres device accelerate the blood microcirculation, which makes the vessels mechanically contract and expand. This results in improved blood circulation in the treated area.

Further excess fluid and toxins that accumulate in the hypodermis are drained from the cellulite tissues. The skin becomes smooth and firm, and the body contours become slimmer.

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