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Deka Laser Motus AX

The Italian developers of DEKA have achieved a breakthrough in laser hair removal and perfection. The world's first Motus AX high-speed dynamic Alexandrite laser with a wavelength of 755 nm - powered by an innovative technology that erases possible limits. Number one on the European market, “Best Laser, Lights & Energy-based Device” according to AMWCawards2023!

The new development makes all contraindications for those who like to tan a thing of the past. Moveo epilation is also indicated even if the patient has dark skin from birth. Moveo technology makes the impossible possible - now customers can have laser hair removal even on the day of departure to hot countries.

Excellent hair removal results with Moveo technology can be achieved with any skin phototype and any hair tone. Alexandrite laser has long earned the title of the most effective device for hair removal. The scope of possibilities and the result of treatments impress cosmetologists and customers all over the world.

DEKA’s innovation is a unique handheld unit with a cooling sapphire cylindrical tip that delivers the laser beam to the client's skin.

The laser impulse is delivered in circular or linear movements. During the treatment, the doctor passes a cooled manipulator over the client's skin, covering an area almost equal to the size of the palm of your hand. During the treatment the heating is smooth and localized on the follicle itself, without damaging or heating the skin. DEKA increases the effectiveness of the laser hair removal!

DEKA increases the effectiveness of laser hair removal!

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